Atomic is going on hiatus as of mid-October 2013. We have a lot going on in our personal life and careers, and not enough time to work on it with the care it deserves. We’ll keep you posted on anything further as it arises. Thanks!

* * *

Atomic is a rather unconventional venue in that and we operate as a non-profit even though we’re not officially registered as such. Our goal is to offer alternative space for alternative ideas and production, so everything hosted at Atomic is negotiated on a case by case basis depending on whether it is a radical/non-profit/indie for-profit/commerical venture and it’s specific requirements.

Ultimately, we volunteer our time and make space available at highly subsidized rates to projects we would like to support personally. We therefore make a point of being involved in activities that are mutually beneficial and we aim to to juggle this with other areas of work in our lives. Atomic is therefore not a full-time venue/project.

Atomic has and will continue to host a range of events including screenings, live music, theatre, performance, discussions, handmade shows and exhibitions of all kinds. We’re also open to our space being used for short-term rehearsals, auditions, photo and film shoots, large-scale project building, and more.

  • The multi-purpose room is a black box (33 3/4′ x 47′  /  approx 1600 sq ft) with 14′ ceilings
  • moveable stage is approx 8′ x 18′
  • The walls are drywall, the floor is semi-finished concrete, and the ceiling is oriented strand board with a layer of drywall
  • A basic track lighting system (with dimmer) is in place to offer some varriation in lighting
  • The room is well outfitted with eight 120 v / 20 amp outlets and one 220 v / 50 amp outlet

The room has four entrance/exit points including entry into the main building, emergency access into the gated compound, and two sets of very large double doors suitable for large delivery. We regret that, at the present time, this space is only wheelchair accessible via the double doors. There are a total of three toilets – only one is accessible on the same ground level as the MPR.

The PA system we have access to is not available for general use at the moment, so anyone wishing to host an event will need to consider that. When we acquire a PA system available to rent with the space, specs will be made available upon request. With that said, to draw the best sound possible from our warehouse space, we highly recommend working with our skilled technican who is well aware of the quirks of the room, and knows how to work around them. We’ve heard many events compromised as a result of inexperienced sound staging, and we’d like to help you put forward the best effort possible. Please contact for details.

* * *

We are not currently booking events, but if we were, these are the questions we would have asked to decide if the event you have in mind is one we have time, capacity, and ability to support:

  • Type of event (priority to exhibitions and installations, screenings, readings/lectures, and day-time events such as workshops that are artistically and/or politicially progressive in nature; we are not booking any large music shows, but will consider smaller punk/thrash/metal/experimental gigs on a case by case basis)
  • Type of spaces required (i.e. performance space, administrative/check in space, dressing room and/or green room)
  • Type of equipment required as we might have some on hand that you can use rather than load in (i.e. stage, chairs, tables, lighting. Please note that we do not have a PA available for use at this time)
  • Load in date/time
  • Event start time
  • Event cover charge
  • Anticipated attendance (number of people and age range)
  • Ability to have volunteers working at the door at ALL TIME who can be fully trusted to take seriously the security requirements of our space (which is, primarily, private studios) + additional dedicated volunteers who can also help maintain a positive, peaceful and friendly atmosphere during your event. Please note that the door must not be left unattended at any time during your event.
  • Event end time
  • Load out time/date
  • Ability to have volunteers clean up that night and/or the next day

Please visit our event calender to check availability for your preferred event date.