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Before/During/Still In Progress/After

As promised, some reno pics for those of you who have been curious…

Getting warmer…

Did you ever play a game as a child that involved an object being hidden by one person while another searched for it with clues relevant to proximity such as, you’re getting warmer? Well, Atomic is getting warmer! Not only because we’re moving closer to our goals for the multi-purpose room, but because it is now packed solid with awesome insulation – eco soy first, then some other stuff + additional salvages being squished in there, too.

Beyond all of that, the old overhead doors have been replaced with massive double doors that already make the interior look less interrupted and thus larger and roomier. The roof has been reinforced from the interior and now work on the exterior is under way. Fabulous!

Oh! And new flooring has been installed in the lobby and hallway leading to the individual studios. It looks great, and will surely look even better when I eventually get around to mopping *ha ha*. So, until the floor looks spiffy and clean, I have no photos to share, but here are some pics of the progress in the mpr… it’s pretty cool!

Bit by bit

Check it out! Now there are even more signs of life at ATOMIC than ever before, and its a sure indicator the next few months are going to be great! Just the Goods’ lab is set up and in-action, our first artist in residence has received her key and is starting to plot exciting things, and the first artist to move in has *almost* gotten his studio set up to his liking.

There was a sudden jolt of action with renovations these past few weeks, as well. It is too early to post photos of most of what is going on but, in the pic below, you can see the roof of the future multipurpose room being strengthened.  The first of two old overhead doors have been taken down to be replaced with an alternate style that won’t be so imposing in the space while helping to keep the room warm in the winter. It won’t be long before this space can be insulated! Before we know it, it’ll be time to start looking at lighting and sound options… whoo!

A peek behind the scenes…

In case anyone is curious, here’s a look at the multi-purpose room in the midst of its face lift. There is still a way to go, but it’s going well!

ATOMIC's multi-purpose room under renovation

ATOMIC's multi-purpose room under renovation

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