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On the set of Architecture of an Atom directed by Juliacks

We’re back!

Atomic has been napping for the past several weeks, but is very slowly starting to perk up again.

For example, Jeff Nachtigall (visiting from Saskatoon) has been working with Winnipeg’s very own Robert Wilson to remix large paintings created by the crew at Gutter Art Space and Graffiti Art Programming for an urban art walk kicking off on September 20. Details can be found at their Facebook event page, or via the map below:

After that, we’re teaming up with WNDX to provide workspace for the Situated Cinema team – so cool! One of our favourite bands will be dropping in to shoot their latest video and, after that, we’re looking forward to welcoming send + receive: a festival of sound. The program looks *amazing*, as always.

Details about a new experimental theatre production are coming soon!! But for now, save the dates: November 9, 10 and 11 =-)


Ps. Here are a few pics I didn’t manage to share earlier including pics from Accented Video and the Autobiographical, our collaboration with Art Ctiy, the Manitoba Goddess Festival‘s fundraising event, Baba Yaga’s Realm, all of which and can be found at our Facebook group page.

PegGaylicious presents: Steers & Queers in Winnipeg

Saturday June 2, 2012

From the home of country music, Toronto Ontario, comes Steers & Queers! This travelling Fairy Home Companion will transform Atomic into a rowdy country & western bar for one night only, with drag, burlesque, live music and dancing.

Featuring Performances by:

  • Toronto drag sensation Miss Fluffy Souffle as your host
  • strip hop pioneer Man Chyna
  • Patsy Cline (Keri Latimer)
  • Lizzy La La,
  • Ian Mozden & Coral Maloney
  • Peggaylicious DJ’s StagPanther and MonkeySparrow
  • + SnQ founder DJ Sigourney Beaver playing both kinds of music – country AND western.

Dress code: chaps, bolos.

Doors open at 10:30

Cycle of Giving: The 24 Hour Kids Bike Building Marathon

Cycle of Giving, a 24 Hour Kids Bike Building Marathon, will take place this year from 6:00 p.m. Saturday, December 17 to 9:00 p.m. Sunday, December 18 at Atomic =-)

Cycle Of Giving is bringing volunteer mechanics together to build over 150 bicycles for Winnipeg children in need. We hope to raise $15,000 to purchase lights and locks for kids and provide free bikes and bike programing across the city.

You can help:

+ DONATE online (, at the WRENCH (1057 Logan Ave Sundays1-5pm Mondays 1-6pm) or donate to the WRENCH at any Assiniboine Credit Union.

+ Make a PLEDGE online @

+ DONATE kids bicycles (8″- 20″ wheels). Bicycles can be dropped off at the WRENCH 1057 Logan Ave 1-5pm Sundays or 1-6pm Mondays. At the Bike Dump 631 Main (behind the Red Road Lodge) Mondays – Thursday 6-9pm, Saturday and Sunday 3-6pm

+ VOLUNTEER! Sign up at or call 296-3389
Tell a friend about Cycle of Giving!

* * *

Woot! Winnipeg bike-building marathon exceeds goal; Volunteers refurbish 220 bicycles for children in need.

Tonight, tonight!

YouTube Party! Videos, balloons, DJs, live performances, sofas, more balloons, costumes, yippee!!

Before/During/Still In Progress/After

As promised, some reno pics for those of you who have been curious…


Thank you, thank you, thank you, THANK YOU to everyone who joined in making Atomic’s Grand Opening Soirée deliciously memorable!!

  • Ken Gregory, creator of Black Metal Mayhem
  • Nosey Joe and Miss Lyndsay for their wild performance
  • Stacy, Zack and Lisa of WildFire Dance Productions for setting the place ablaze
  • jaymez for the totally on top visuals
  • Tim for stage management and sound technician-magician-ism
  • Terrorist, Slattern, and Friendly Rich and the Lollipop People for filling the place with music gold

Deepest thanks to our amazing volunteers: Steven, Mia, Charlie, Joe, Aidan, Jessica…You’re all too awesome for words!!

+ huge thanks to Kristen of Ragpickers for handling ticket sales, and Derek for hosting Friendly rich on CKUW ♥!

And to everyone who came, great big X and O… unless you’d prefer a firm and hearty handshake instead *ha ha*


… and now for a few random snaps. Many are blurry, but who cares? You had to be there! *ha ha*


ps – to listen to the interview with Friendly Rich, visit this link:

See you on October 27 for our Grand Opening Soirée!

It’s almost time to get smashed by thrash, rolled over by rock, and we have no idea what with the moody theatrics of Friendly Rich and the Lollipop People. A night packed with performance, interaction, and visual delights galore… it’ll be all the better with you there!

Get your advance tickets @ Ragpickers Anti-Fashion Emporium at 216 McDermot Ave., or by sending an email to They’re $14 if you plan ahead, or $16.00 at the door if you want to risk being a last minute partier ;-)

Check out this link for more details…

The latest news

On Saturday night, ATOMIC hosted its first large gathering, a birthday party for Chris, Ken, Tim, and Ulysses, which was in all respects an absolute blast! Tim installed an electrifying Jacob’s Ladder for the evening, Ken presented an immersive new ambient audio piece [with a very long title that I'll need to get from him again!], and Sandee hosted a rousing game of KENGO, a Winnipeg-specific adaptation of BINGO, which was way more fun! DJ Chico Ramirez of Quadrasonic fame led a night of dancing, and DJ No Particular Order made a darned good debut. Everything went very well, so we have now a good idea of how things will take shape moving forward with different types of events, including theatrical performances, concerts, etc.

All in all, ATOMIC is coming to life! True, the multipurpose room is still waiting for the next phase of renos, but the lobby is now complete, and the last artist studio is just about to be finished, as well. In the meantime, Roewan completed her three month residency with momentum for future work, Ulysses is working toward a performance scheduled to take place later this month, and Steven is preparing an installation that will probably open in the attic mid-to-late April. There is so much more news to come… stay tuned!

Getting warmer…

Did you ever play a game as a child that involved an object being hidden by one person while another searched for it with clues relevant to proximity such as, you’re getting warmer? Well, Atomic is getting warmer! Not only because we’re moving closer to our goals for the multi-purpose room, but because it is now packed solid with awesome insulation – eco soy first, then some other stuff + additional salvages being squished in there, too.

Beyond all of that, the old overhead doors have been replaced with massive double doors that already make the interior look less interrupted and thus larger and roomier. The roof has been reinforced from the interior and now work on the exterior is under way. Fabulous!

Oh! And new flooring has been installed in the lobby and hallway leading to the individual studios. It looks great, and will surely look even better when I eventually get around to mopping *ha ha*. So, until the floor looks spiffy and clean, I have no photos to share, but here are some pics of the progress in the mpr… it’s pretty cool!

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