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The Sandwich has left the building…

pic by Jaymez

The Sandwich is SOLD OUT! One more show added =-)

Mia Van Leeuwen writes: “ok! a big THANK YOU to all that came out to the opening tonight! we are now RESERVED FULL for the entire run BUT have added an additional show for FRIDAY MAY 11th at 11pm. ALL TIX for the late show are 10 BUCKS. please FACEBOOK us or email or call me at 291.9066. xoxoxoxoxoox”

… so if you don’t have your tickets yet, you now have one last chance! Don’t miss this amazing show!

Two more sleeps until The Sandwich…

Do you have your tickets yet?

Reservations & Info: or 204.291.9066 or FACEBOOK Out of Line.

The Sandwich is Coming… May 9 – 12, 2012

And now Atomic lays down for a mini snooze… at least it will appear that way from the outside! Behind the scenes, the multi-purpose room is PUMPING with action: theater, music, and contemporary dance are swirling together to produce the yummiest live art trip you’ll experience this summer!

The Sandwich opens on May 9!

Directed by Mia Star Van Leeuwen and Starring Ian Mozdzen with special guests Julia Ryckman, Delf Gravert and Natasha Torres-Garner and video by Richard Altman…. don’t miss this Out of Line production!


With generous support from the Winnipeg and Manitoba Arts Council.

The Sandwich is a neo-psychedelic performance work inspired by Albert Hoffman’s serendipitous discovery of LSD. In 1943, the Swiss chemist absorbed a small quantity of an unknown substance through his fingertips while attempting to re-synthesize the molecule ergot – a fungus that grows on diseased rye. Hoffman’s hallucinatory self-experimentations would go on to radically change how people experience the world.

out of line theatre invites audiences to witness and participate as the doors of perception open up for a modern character named Person.

Person is being eaten up by a culture of idleness, consumption and loneliness.

Finally, Person cries to the cosmos for help …

Did someone order a rye sandwich? Let the trip begin!

Part Alice in Wonderland, part Requiem For a Dream, part Rocky Horror Picture Show, The Sandwich is a transformative journey through a mindscape of altered states that will uncover the incredible and find new particles of truth floating in an ocean of insignificance.


May 9 – 12 at 167 Logan Ave with shows beginning at 8:00 p.m sharp
$12 (student/artist/underemployed) and $15 (regular)


For info and to book a reservation, please call 204.291.9066 or send an email to

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