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Thank you, Uncle Glennie!

Uncle Glennie scared the crap out of us last night with terrible tales* about student loans, down and out moles, and pants.

If you didn’t happen to make it out to join us, this is what you missed:

… and, this is what you missed, with a flash:

Yes, pretty damned scary…

*Terrible as in very scary, not bad. The tales weren't bad at all! 
In fact, they were quite good. Really.

Wake Up Winnipeg: A Participatory Telephone Performance by Sandee Moore

Wake Up Winnipeg
A Participatory Telephone Performance by Sandee Moore
Subscribe at at 949-9134 ext. 6 or
October 15 – October 29
Presented by Video Pool Media Arts Centre

Video Pool Media Arts Centre presents a participatory telephone performance by local artist Sandee Moore. Taking the form of a telephone wake up call, Moore invites subscribers to her service to consider local politics on the dawn of Winnipeg’s civic election. Participants will enjoy the personal interaction of a wake up call, in which the human element has been replaced by a fully-automated experience in contemporary use.

Wake up calls are a personal activity associated with hotels wherein a stranger wakes a guest via telephone. This service was traditionally carried out by a hotel employee in person, but has now generally been automated, taking the personal activity out of the experience, making it both less and more odd at the same time.

Moore invites subscribers to her free wake up call service to experience this mediated intimacy and to engage with its imaginative potential – what fantasies are awakened when a voice enters your bedroom? Complicating the traditional service nature of this relationship, Moore asserts her person-hood by delivering her wake up calls peppered with rousing tidbits of local political news. Also challenging the expected, Moore delivers her service when she awakes each day, rather than setting a schedule

The purpose of Wake Up Winnipeg is, therefore, to awaken the somnambulist population to dreams of a better city through stimulating deeper knowledge about local politics.

Anyone within the city of Winnipeg may subscribe to Wake Up Winnipeg by leaving their first name and telephone contact information on the project website – – or leaving a voice-mail message at 949-9134 ext. 6. Non-subscribers, and those outside of the service area, will also be able to participate by accessing the daily audio file posted on the website or via an outgoing greeting on Video Pool’s voice mail box.

Artist Biography:
Sandee Moore proposes to animate social relationships through personal exchange via artwork in media such as performance, video, installation, and interactive electronic sculpture. Since graduating from the MFA program at the University of Regina in 2003, Moore has screened and exhibited across Canada at venues including The Edmonton Art Gallery (now The Art Gallery of Alberta), Images Film and Video Festival, The Blackwood Gallery, The Dalhousie Art Gallery, and The Mendel Art Gallery. Her practice has also taken her to Japan, where she was the 2004 Mukojima/Rice+ artist-in-residence. In 2006, she was commissioned to create a video for The Winnipeg Art Gallery. Since retiring from her position as Director of Video Pool Media Arts Centre in 2009, Moore has presented a video game-based artwork at The Gendai Gallery (Toronto) and curated a video program for Border Crossings magazine. She has been invited by Art Souterrain to perform at Montréal’s Nuit Blanche in March and will present an interactive sculpture, Imaginary Gift, at Eastern Edge Artist-Run Centre in St. John’s, Newfoundland, in June.

Video Pool thanks the Canada Council for the Arts, The Manitoba Arts Council and the Winnipeg Art’s Council for their generous operational funding. We acknowledge the support of the Canada Council for the Arts which last year invested $11.8 million in media arts throughout Canada.

Contact: Sandee Moore, Artist
1 (204) 290-3227
sandee_moore @ hotmail [dot] com
Video Pool’s website:
Video Pool’s telephone: 1 (204) 949-9134 ext. 5
Wake Up Winnipeg’s website:
Wake Up Winnipeg’s voice mailbox: 1 (204) 949-9134 ext. 6

The Return of Uncle Glennie

Mark it on your calendars (or collanders if you can’t avoid the strain): October 28th – The Return of Uncle Glennie. Creepy stories at ATOMIC., the attic of 167 Logan Avenue. Doors will open at 7:00PM. Stories: 7:30- 8:00PM; 9:00- 9:30PM. Doors will be locked during Uncle Glennie’s reading. It is cold, bring a sweater. Knock three times at ground level to be considered for entry.

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