A work commissioned by Manifesta 8

“Stephan Dillemuth sees art and artistic research as tools for a critical reflection on the circumstances of contemporary life.  His installation for Manifesta 8 is a cage made from plaster, with the help of students from the art academy in Murcia.  It suggests two readings.  Firstly it is the refuge of the hermit in his deliberate withdrawal from the world – as purgatory or as a place for contemplation.  Secondly, it represents problems of freedom, including access to knowledge or territories, as a direct consequence of the politics of privatisation or the regimes of surveillance.  A video projected inside the cage shows a conversation between an artist and a prisoner, a dialogue about research, knowledge, economy and the responsibility of artists within the context of a cultural commodity.”

… The video and an accompanying brochure are available online so they may be copied and circulated to others. Please watch and share!

Keywords: academy and the corporate public, research, problem, bologna, bertelsmann, creditpoints, ects, hochschulrat, unirat, studiengebühren, student fees, tuition, akademie, universität, university, history, institutional research, pubescent research, bohemian research, sponsorship, branding, corporate social responsibility (csr), LLL, life long learning,WTO, GATT, GATS, privatisation, knowledge, knowledge society, knowledge capitalism, public access, copyleft, communisation, fight

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