With thanks to clerks at the City of Winnipeg Archives, we’re beginning to discover some interesting tidbits about the history of our building. We’ll offer details when we have more time, but for now we’d like to share some photos documenting our renovations to date. In hindsight, we wish we’d taken more photos when first moving in to the space, but I guess that’s just how it goes.

The attic isn’t quite finished, but it has perhaps been the most dramatically transformed of all areas…

What is now the common workroom was divided into two spaces. None of the colourful artwork displayed in the first pic was left behind by the former tenants. Oh wait! That’s actually not true… there was a picture book in one of the washrooms and another illustrated anthology in one of the desks left in a former office. Ha!

The multi-purpose room started off as a plain ol’ dank warehouse. It’s not quite finished–we still need to work on the floor and eventually improve the acoustics of the space–but it sure has come a long way!