Atomic is going on hiatus as of mid-October 2013. We have a lot going on in our personal life and careers, and not enough time to work on it with the care it deserves. We’ll keep you posted on anything further as it arises. Thanks!

* * *

Atomic is an interdisciplinary place for creative producers and socially conscious projects working at a grassroots level. It is an effort to help local makers grow relationships with their respective communities through the building and sharing of common energy and resources.


Why are you doing this?

Despite Winnipeg’s excess of empty buildings, it is surprisingly difficult to find affordable studio and presentation space. Production facilities and expertise can also sometimes be difficult to obtain at a reasonable rate. We try to help make it easier to create and connect through the provision of space, equipment, and skills.

What kind of activities can take place at Atomic?

We prefer to involve ourselves with projects in the arts and/or concerned with progressive social action. Alternative indie  projects led by artists, musicians, designers, etc., are also of interest. Performances, lectures, workshops, exhibitions, installations, meetings, screenings, debates, fashion shows, small concerts, film and video recording, swaps and sales, fundraisers. Do you have an idea for something else rad? Let us know… it might just click!

Will Atomic be applying for grants?

Nope, Atomic won’t be applying for grants because we want to try something a little bit different that involves a combination of approaches. For example, business activities (i.e. technical services and rentals) will transfer profit to support other non-profit/non-commerical endeavours. We’re also interested in work working out non-monetary transfers such as energy/skill exchange, and we’re pretty big on good old fashioned sharing, as well. That said, we have quite a bit of experience writing successful grant applications, so if you have a project or event in mind and need some advice raising money, we’d be happy to share some thoughts. Atomic ultimately runs on passionate volunteerism in support of people and projects that we feel good about.

How did Atomic begin?

Approximately 10 years ago, Chris imagined creating a place focused on helping artists realize challenging creative visions. Approximately six years ago, Chris and Milena started imagining what such a place would look like if they built it together. In 2009 Chris purchased a building in downtown Winnipeg and by May 2010, while still under renovation, Atomic started showing signs of life.

Atomic’s first production residency took place summer 2010, and in November, Atomic’s first artist in residence got cozy for a three month period. The multi-purpose room has been slower to take shape than originally desired, but in the meantime, various exhibitions, performances, and screenings have made use of the messier nooks and crannies. There is more to come!


We’ll keep posting/answering questions as they come up, and/or as we think of them. Do you have a question? Let us know by sending an email to info @ atomiccentre . net.